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Mr Ben Brown Film maker & photographer from London, uploading daily vlogs which are sometimes late due to projects, travel & life! I do my best to make my vlogs the best they can be, subscribe to joint my journey! :) Instagram - Twitter -


  1. Ben, this is the top of your game so far, without a doubt. And the Arctic VV is a dead equal. It's a real shame you've given up on You Tube, at least as far as vlogging is concerned. I've noticed it seems to happen to a lot of vloggers after a while; I guess it absorbs a huge amount of your life if you're trying to keep up with a daily, or almost daily schedule. Would be really great if you could do a two weekly ten minutes though, just to keep your fans up to date. Lots of us don't bother with Instagram or other social media so much, not sure if you get that?

    But again, this Atlantis Dunes and the Arctic VV films are absolutely at the top of your game…well done for that!

  2. Never stop having fun. Never stop filming the beauty you see. Cause you are so good at it. & the filming is amazing to see. Inspiring to see. Thank you for doing this that you do.

  3. I love seeing the land rovers driving along all the surfaces that they can do so very well. Makes me want one. When I was a kid I used to say "when I grew up I want to own a range rover"  but I never did.  Land rovers are just as amazing. Cruise rovers what ever they be. Amazing. I love them.


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