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About Mr Ben Brown

Film maker & photographer from London, uploading daily vlogs which are sometimes late due to projects, travel & life! I do my best to make my vlogs the best they can be, subscribe to joint my journey! :) Instagram - Twitter -

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  1. Mr Ben Brown Can you tell me where are you go? is there Rocky mountain ? and…. where is it?

  2. Why have i never been to Canada???

  3. This is so beautiful, I long to travel/photography one day like this

  4. Its all a bit self-contrived and pompous isn't it. May be its the music.

  5. Canada, to me, is the best country in the whole world. It's a magical place to be living in and travelling. Canada is also the winner of human rights. Hell yeah praise to Canada

  6. Fuck the fact that I'm 14 and from Europe. I'm moving there. x'D

  7. this is some next level shit

  8. My cousin moved to Canada because of this video.

  9. Awesome clip! I like the style this so much, rings true to how I'd like to edit….Like nothing I've seen before. Thumbs up…[email protected]£$ Two thumps up! 🙂

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